In the past, my personal growth came from two different phases: high school and college & university. The former cemented my mental strength to deal with various emotions and the latter opened up my mind with many thought-provoking perspectives and experiences.

As I stepped into, what I believe will be, my 3rd phase of my growth, I have decided to start maintaining a blog. This will mainly serve as a platform for me to organise my thought and a convenient way to crowdsource for feedback for me to keep learning and growing.

Post-university life… I believe more life challenges will come forth. I hope to use this as a channel to not just share thoughts on topic of interests, but also for me to vent and hopefully receiving some insights from the readers.

For now, a few topics that spring to mind naturally would be technology, leadership, entrepreneurship and perhaps ad-hoc/random topics that I find interesting. Probably this will be a collections of past experiences, observation and dedicated thought pieces. Most posts will be irrelevant to most people, but who cares as long as I am happy. Will try my best to make each posts into bite-size chunk, so that they are crisp and easy to digest. Wish me luck?

Gonna find myself constantly balancing between two modes: “the harder you work, the luckier you get” and “work smart play hard”.

FYI: this post is originally from my Medium.