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December 2016

[Thoughts] Finding the right VC: it is not all about the money

Since I came back to Malaysia, I have had the privilege to speak to many different people in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Startup founders, startup employees, incubator/accelerator CEO, aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone who cared to discuss with me about venture... Continue Reading →

Southeast Asia Funding Landscape Overview

I crunched some data from Pitchbook and Crunchbase on the SEA funding. Only startups that have been backed by angels, seed fund, incubators/accelerators and venture capital are included in my analysis. The following are my findings and views on the landscape... Continue Reading →

[Glimpse] South East Asia Startup Funding Ecosystem in 2016

In an effort to understand the SEA startup funding ecosystem in 2016, I crunched though some data today and below are two slides of my findings: Where the money comes from: Most active investors in 2016 are still mostly non-SEA based... Continue Reading →

Within/Beyond the Malaysian Market — Successful Malaysian Entrepreneurs

I have been spending some time reading about the technology ecosystem in Malaysia from many different aspects. It’s fair to say Malaysian tech entrepreneurship ecosystem is still quite nascent compared to other countries. Historically, we can broadly bucket most of... Continue Reading →

Eric 3.0

In the past, my personal growth came from two different phases: high school and college & university. The former cemented my mental strength to deal with various emotions and the latter opened up my mind with many thought-provoking perspectives and... Continue Reading →

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