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February 2017

State of SEA Technology Startup Ecosystem in 2016

Everyone knows that technology startup ecosystem in the private market is growing and is increasingly becoming more important in South East Asia. To really understand the context, I did a deep dive into the ecosystem to understand the role of... Continue Reading →

Exit Landscape in South East Asia – Note to Founders

Founders need to understand the exit landscape from the perspective of financial investors, i.e. Venture Capital (VC) or Private Equity (PE) Fund. Recently, Garena, SEA most valuable tech startup, was reported to appoint Goldman Sachs for a $1bn IPO in... Continue Reading →

[Resources] 110 Active Investors in South East Asia Tech Scene in 2016

Below are some snapshots from my research on the State of South East Asia (SEA) Technology Startup Ecosystem 2016 publish on 7 Feb 2017. The full insights is available on Slideshare here. In one section of this research, we dived deep into the... Continue Reading →

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