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[Thoughts] Finding the right VC: it is not all about the money

Since I came back to Malaysia, I have had the privilege to speak to many different people in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Startup founders, startup employees, incubator/accelerator CEO, aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone who cared to discuss with me about venture... Continue Reading →

Southeast Asia Funding Landscape Overview

I crunched some data from Pitchbook and Crunchbase on the SEA funding. Only startups that have been backed by angels, seed fund, incubators/accelerators and venture capital are included in my analysis. The¬†following are my findings and views on the landscape... Continue Reading →

[Glimpse] South East Asia Startup Funding Ecosystem in 2016

In an effort to understand the SEA startup funding ecosystem in 2016, I crunched though some data today and below are two slides of my findings: Where the money comes¬†from: Most active investors in 2016 are still mostly non-SEA based... Continue Reading →

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